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IDX Network is hands-down the best web marketing solution for any serious real estate professional. Our full-custom website was built with some very demanding specifications, and the team at IDX Network brought everything together flawlessly. IDX Network provided us with much more than a "template" website; we received a cutting edge product that takes full advantage of the MLS database and allows us to compete with many of the larger VC-funded real estate sites.

We received invaluable consultation on a number of topics from the IDX Network sales team at the inception of our project, and a result, we have been able to scale the site to our needs as they arise. now ranks among the top real estate search sites in the SoCal region, with thousands of organic visitors every day. The technology utilized by IDX Network is unrivaled when compared to the services promoted by the local MLS board. Many of our processes are automated, such as SEO and lead distribution, giving our agents a clear advantage over brokerages with a traditional business model.

The project managers at IDX Network have shown a willingness to experiment and push the envelope on our behalf. Any agent or broker with a unique vision will be blown away by the ways in which IDX Network can create a professional and successful web-presence.

ListingPoint Realty, CA

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